Board of Directors

Upcoming Meetings

A dedicated panel of 12 members serves on United’s Board of Directors.  These willing workers come from the communities we serve.  Made up of public officials, community members, and professionals from the private sector. United’s Board reflects the Agency’s vision statement.  Indeed, members of the entire community act together to solve community issues.

United’s Board of Directors meets at least 6 times per year.  At these meetings, they receive invaluable updates from the Executive Director, Mr. Bryant, and from his team of Program Directors.  Our Board takes pride in being well informed prior to making any decisions.

The Board of Directors also works very closely with the Early Head Start/Head Start Policy Council.  This close relationship ensures that both groups reach agreement on the issues that require joint input and decision-making.

Caring for the issues that arise, ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations, and plotting the future course of a large community action agency, requires constant vigilance, faithful service, and a true desire to make a difference.  All 12 members of our Board of Directors exercise all of these qualities, as they help all of us make a difference!

We thank each of them for their service!

Harold Harris – President

Susan Case – Vice-President

Margie Janzen – Secretary

JoBeth Spears – Treasurer                                                       

Beverly Brownfield

Chris Burnett
Larry Clark
Mike Waters
Bronson Grimes

Rhonda Wallace
Theresa Rutherford
James Adams

Bill Ellington, Attorney at Law, Consultant